The walls were built between 1535 and 1538, when Jerusalem was part of the Ottoman Empire, by the order of Suleiman I. Before the seven Pentecosts begin, the tower gate with its broad place and the wall with its trench in front that were destroyed by Pompey in 63 BCE will have been rebuilt (from my book Lifting the Veil on the Book of Daniel, page 92, or see full discussion at ). 18Now that which was prepared for one day was one ox and six choice sheep; also fowls were prepared for me, and every ten days skins of wine in abundance; yet with all this I did not demand the food allowance of the governor, because of the heavy burden of labour on the people. I think he has placed Israel History in proper date chronology. 3The sons of Hassenaah built the Fish Gate; they laid its beams and set up its doors, its bolts, and its bars. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Chronicles, Ezra, and Nehemiah all had the same author, Chronicles does not mention any figures or events from the northern kingdom., The reason for the people of Judah to be taken captive was worshiping false God. They played trumpets, cymbals, and harps and sang to Jehovah. Although Newton believed the early messianic expectants based their counting from the 1st year of Cyrus, it is more likely as Davidson noted, the 2nd year of Darius Hystaspes which was the basis for the chronological errors that crept into the early rabbinic chronology. Equip. They are appropriate here again: Ezra 6:14 14 And the elders of the Jews builded, and they prospered through the prophesying of Haggai the prophet and Zechariah the son of Iddo. The Second Reason: Water Neatly tucked away in the eastern slope of the City of David is the entrance to the ancient Jebusite passageway leading to the Gihon Spring. Have a blessed day one and all. 5Next to them the Tekoites made repairs; but their nobles would not put their shoulders to the work of their Lord. In an individual life, then, the rebuilding of the walls would be a picture of re-establishing the strength of that life. Neamiah returned to king Darius when he finished building the walls. The prince to come is key to understanding these verses. I have included Daniel 9:25 below just to be perfectly clear just what the biblical text states. Nehemiah 810 is considered part of the so-called Ezra Source (which includes Ezra 710), while Nehemiah 17 and 1113 are from a separate source that scholars call the Nehemiah Memoir. The Nehemiah Memoir is written in the first person and recounts details of Nehemiahs life, his deeds and his administration of the province, probably meant to serve as an official record of his accomplishments to be deposited in the Temple archives (by genaa). Ezra 6 ends with completion of the temple in the 6th year of Darius even- Artaxerxes. In my opinion the underlying text does not say anything about restoring Jerusalem to a messiah. The text clearly states it will be 7 sevens from the command unto the Messiah. As governor, Nehemiah says that he didnt take advantage of food and land allotments that were allowed him due to his office, because there was already such a great burden on the people of his province (Nehemiah 5:1419). Read Did I Find King Davids Palace? by Eilat Mazar as it appeared in the September/October 2012 issue of BAR for free in Bible History Daily. A race of slaves emerge from slavery to become a nation. No one has made it fit the biblical text that way. 16After him Nehemiah son of Azbuk, ruler of half the district of Beth-zur, repaired from a point opposite the graves of David, as far as the artificial pool and the house of the warriors. The world of the Bible is knowable. Notice the importance YHWH, not man, places on the construction efforts: Zechariah 1:13-16 And YHWH answered the angel that talked with me with good words and comfortable words. 2 And next unto him builded the men of Jericho. This was definitely accomplished with God's help. This then would naturally explain the chronological flow of Ezra. 11O Lord, let your ear be attentive to the prayer of your servant, and to the prayer of your servants who delight in revering your name. Your theory is very interesting, but based on these statements alone, I cannot justify the 70 weeks referring to 70 years (or 70 Shavuot). A survey of websites with information on the town of Avallon and its church with its unusual, single portal statue (the front entrance of most mediaeval churches with such statues are usually lined by several of them on either side), ALL refer to it as depicting a prophet. 19Remember for my good, O my God, all that I have done for this people. 22I also said to the people at that time, Let every man and his servant pass the night inside Jerusalem, so that they may be a guard for us by night and may labour by day. 23So neither I nor my brothers nor my servants nor the men of the guard who followed me ever took off our clothes; each kept his weapon in his right hand. Now the 70 is a dual prophecy and the 2nd part is due to be fulfilled soon!! 10When Sanballat the Horonite and Tobiah the Ammonite official heard this, it displeased them greatly that someone had come to seek the welfare of the people of Israel. The Bible doesn't say Nehemiah had wall-building experience or even leadership experience. 9:1-19) They were also present at the completion and dedication of the wall. He is being closely watched, so he doesn't do much for his first three days in the city. What does the wall represent in Nehemiah? Just a few years later Cyrus gave his command(at the prompting of YHWH) which allowed the people to return and rebuild the temple. How difficult is it to build a wall? I wonder if there might be some significance to the notion that it took 52 days to complete. They make their money by licensing temporary rights for a specific use to newspapers, magazines and other media. 11Restore to them, this very day, their fields, their vineyards, their olive orchards, and their houses, and the interest on money, grain, wine, and oil that you have been exacting from them. 12Then they said, We will restore everything and demand nothing more from them. Will they sacrifice? Once the defenses had been rebuilt by Antipater, the seven weeks and sixty-two weeks and one week (totaling seventy weeks) could begin, and that is exactly what happened. Despite of them we steadily kept on our building, and the result was that soon all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof - the whole continuous line of wall was completed to half the contemplated height. 8Remember the word that you commanded your servant Moses, If you are unfaithful, I will scatter you among the peoples; 9but if you return to me and keep my commandments and do them, though your outcasts are under the farthest skies, I will gather them from there and bring them to the place at which I have chosen to establish my name. 10They are your servants and your people, whom you redeemed by your great power and your strong hand. 2. It happened at a time when the captivity of the Jews had already come to an end. 4. Along comes Bible History Daily, rents the picture, crops it to show just the face and upper portion of the body. Let's get started." They rolled up their sleeves, ready for the good work. Nehemiah 3 is even more specific. Nehemiah 4-6. The wall of Jerusalem is broken down, and its gates have been burned with fire.' When [Nehemiah] heard these things, [he] sat down and wept" (Nehemiah 1:3). Ezra insisted upon the dismissal of these wives. Notice it went backwards in time? (Neh.12:25-26.) So that the Mikdash would have been completed in his 6th year (Ezra 6), and Ezra would have led the return in his 7th year. following the Babylonian exile. 1Now when the wall had been built and I had set up the doors, and the gatekeepers, the singers, and the Levites had been appointed, 2I gave my brother Hanani charge over Jerusalem, along with Hananiah the commander of the citadelfor he was a faithful man and feared God more than many. The book of Nehemiah records the rebuilding of Jerusalem's city wall in about 445BC. He asked the king for permission to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem & was sent from Susa the Persian capital as Governor in 445 BC. Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem was an important sign to the enemies of Israel. Daniel 9 did two things. In it, Nehemiah describes his efforts to rebuild the city, even in the face of hostile neighbors. The book of Nehemiah records the rebuilding of Jerusalem's city wall in about 445BC. It will represent the belief that He is alive, listening and able to respond. The first thing they did was use the weapon of mocking. The only animal I took was the animal I rode. Nehemiah 12 states Mattaniah, Bakbukiah, Obadiah, Meshullam(Shallum), Talmon and Akkub all lived in the days of Joiakim, Nehemiah and Ezra. So from the restoring of the wall in 492BCE to messiah the Prince in 2BCE, that equals 490. 6So we rebuilt the wall, and all the wall was joined together to half its height; for the people had a mind to work. Four months later, they arrived in Jerusalem. . There is only ONE expert.the God of the Bible. This is where I admittedly find it frustrating when discussing this subject. Nehemiah brought all the Levites to Jerusalem for the inauguration. But afterwards, in applying the prophecy to Theudas, and Judas of Galilee, and at length to Bar Cochab, they seem to have shortened the reign of the Kingdom of Persia. (Chron. He read the Book of Moses and wanted to make sure the people stayed faithful to God's ways. We will do as you say. And I called the priests, and made them take an oath to do as they had promised. The 70th week does not start until the Anti Christ appears who make a covenant with many for one heptad (week) a 7 year period. Ezra 7:13-28. Nehemiah's Wall. He also urged them to set up guards to defend against the constant threat of those who opposed their efforts, including the armies of Samaria, the Ammonites and the Ashdodites. 52 days God instructed Nehemiah to build a wall around Jerusalem to protect its citizens from enemy attack. Ill stick with what the biblical text states, that the key time-location events are the decree of Caesar in 44 BCE and the building of the broad place and moat in 43 BCE.. During this time according to Haggai 1 the people were busy working on their own houses. The traditional Bible chronology based on Thieles harmonization of the Hebrew kings and the Rohl chronology for Egypt are incorrect. This interpretation fits the 70 weeks in all ways. Defying the opposition of Judahs enemies on all sidesSamaritans, Ammonites, Arabs and Philistines, the original walls of the City of David were rebuilt by the people in 52 days, working with a trowel in one hand & a sword in the other. After him Shemaiah son of Shecaniah, the keeper of the East Gate, made repairs. and packages. 2He said in the presence of his associates and of the army of Samaria, What are these feeble Jews doing? . Nehemiah is the central figure of the Book of Nehemiah, which describes his work in rebuilding Jerusalem during the Second Temple period.He was governor of Persian Judea under Artaxerxes I of Persia (465-424 BC). No self respecting Jewish zealot would have based it upon a command given by men. 21After him Meremoth son of Uriah son of Hakkoz repaired another section from the door of the house of Eliashib to the end of the house of Eliashib. 52 days Once there, Nehemiah defied the opposition of Judah's enemies on all sidesSamaritans, Ammonites, Arabs and Philistinesand rebuilt the walls within 52 days, from the Sheep Gate in the North, the Hananeel Tower at the North West corner, the Fish Gate in the West, the Furnaces Tower at the Temple . 52 x 6 days], with the next 52 days being a symbolic sabbath of rest following all that work. Will you please drop me a mail? The CSB E3 Discipleship Bible is full of intentionally crafted discipleship tools and resources based on the E3 discipleship methodEngage. God bless. The wall is made from stone and mortar with gates. 2 He said in the presence of his associates and of the army of Samaria, 'What are these feeble Jews doing? Families and professional groups take on the responsibility for repairing stretches of the wall, while gates are provided with attics, doors, bolts and bars, and towers are rebuilt. 2In the month of Nisan in the twentieth year of King Artaxerxes,when wine was brought for him, I took the wine and gave it to the king. And they builded, and finished it, according to the commandment of the God of Israel, and according to the commandment of Cyrus, and Darius, and Artaxerxes king of Persia.. 1Now when it was reported to Sanballat and Tobiah and to Geshem the Arab and to the rest of our enemies that I had built the wall and that there was no gap left in it (though up to that time I had not set up the doors in the gates), 2Sanballat and Geshem sent to me, saying, Come and let us meet together in one of the villages in the plain of Ono. But they intended to do me harm. 10Next to them Jedaiah son of Harumaph made repairs opposite his house; and next to him Hattush son of Hashabneiah made repairs. In 1535, when Jerusalem was part of the Ottoman Empire, Sultan Suleiman I ordered the ruined city walls to be rebuilt . The people of the prince to come were in fact those who destroyed the temple under Titus in 70 A.D. A link to the Universal (as it is now called) can demonstrate ALL the genealogy on the book of Genesis, using that demo as part of the theory verification: If you count the years backwards you will find the 70 years of divine anger began at the departure of the Shekinah from the temple as described in Ezekiel. Nehemiah's Wall & Gates were finished in 52 days on Elul 25; which holds the mysteries of the 12 levels of Consciousness through the restored gates of the soul and its cycle. But Nehemiah avoids their traps, ignores their threats, and refuses to hide when threatened by assassination. Christ is clearly cut off at the determination of the 69th week. Nehemiahs leadership style is not the most common. Joiakim was the son of Jeshua the high priest. Though the temple has been rebuilt, the city walls were as they had been for the last 130 years, with the result that the inhabitants of Jerusalem had no way of defending themselves against their enemies (see Nehemiah 4:11). No, this was by no means a wall of Nehemiah, no rebuild per se, yet it did show evidence of repair. 16And when all our enemies heard of it, all the nations around us were afraid and fell greatly in their own esteem; for they perceived that this work had been accomplished with the help of our God. You don't have to rebuild a wall to do the will of God. . Nehemiah 12 identifies those chief of their fathers who went up with Jeshua and Zerubabbel in the 1st year of Cyrus. to quickly repair the breaches in the wall, Ancient Israel: From Abraham to the Destruction of the Temple,, Could we take 52 days to accomplish something similar? Nehemiah rebuilt Jerusalem's wall in only 52 days. For the purpose of brevity, the word week in this chapter will hereafter represent the Day of Pentecost, although using the full fifty-day time period of the Feast of Weeks will work equally well in the interpretation offered in this chapter.. Chapter 4 So let's pick up the story in Nehemiah 4. Of all of the English translations of Daniel 9:25, Youngs Literal Translation is perhaps the best (but still imperfect), saying And thou dost know, and dost consider wisely, from the going forth of the word to restore and to build Jerusalem till Messiah the Leader [is] seven weeks, and sixty and two weeks: the broad place hath been built again, and the rampart, even in the distress of the times. A good fulfillment paraphrase of verse 25, substituting real events and real names from history for the biblical language, would read something like this: Observe with your eyes and calculate with your mind, that after the issuance of the decree by Julius Caesar to Hyrcanus II, high priest and ethnarch (the anointed one-prince) of the Jews, restoring him to rule in Jerusalem (the first restoration) and granting him permission to rebuild its fortifications, until his repatriation from Parthia to Jerusalem by Herod (the second restoration), there will be seven Pentecosts, followed by sixty-two Pentecosts. Jesus is "the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world" ( John 1:29 ). 12Next to him Shallum son of Hallohesh, ruler of half the district of Jerusalem, made repairs, he and his daughters. Not even Michelangelo and his David! Thus may they be shaken out and emptied. And all the assembly said, Amen, and praised the Lord. Ezra 7 begins with Ezra going up to Jerusalem in the 7th year of Artaxerxes the king. Ezra went up in the 7th year of Artakhshast (Ezra 7:7-10), 13 years before Nehemyahs first documented time in Yerushalayim if they are they same Artakhshast. 11So I came to Jerusalem and was there for three days. 19But when Sanballat the Horonite and Tobiah the Ammonite official, and Geshem the Arab heard of it, they mocked and ridiculed us, saying, What is this that you are doing? He organized them into two groups of singers. (Neh.8) This likely indicates this was a Sabbath year. Verse 6. And next to them Zaccur son of Imri built. 492BCE minus 490 years leaves us at the Birth of Christ at 2BCE!! 16From that day on, half of my servants worked on construction, and half held the spears, shields, bows, and body-armour; and the leaders posted themselves behind the whole house of Judah, 17who were building the wall. Four highly acclaimed books, published in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution: Aspects of Monotheism, Feminist Approaches to the Bible, The Rise of Ancient Israel and The Search for Jesus. 5Now our flesh is the same as that of our kindred; our children are the same as their children; and yet we are forcing our sons and daughters to be slaves, and some of our daughters have been ravished; we are powerless, and our fields and vineyards now belong to others.. The following text is the first portion of the Nehemiah Memoir (1:17:4) from the New Revised Standard Version. Then he acts in secret. Thanks for the insight! Thanks for the article. Respectfully, Nathaniel, you are incorrect in your interpretation. Since 1954, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been challenging coaches and athletes to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ, reaching millions worldwide. Only this time the Christian chronologists have removed the contextual necessity of association between the command given by YHWH and the 2nd year of Darius even- Artaxerxes.

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