Surf north from the entrance of Lilygear and check the trees to the south as you walk west. This will take you back to Choppys Woods, where youll find yet another entrance to Mysterious Mine. Overclock doesnt hit very hard, considering its size, but it uses Unscrew. The trees around Lilygear Lake look like broccoli. Head east in the Subtunnel and keep your eye open for a flashing tree in the southeast. Lillygear Lake is one of the more interesting areas in the game. Gift Boxes is always useful, so long as the gift-giver isn't murdered horribly. First and foremost, watch out for obstacles. Hit the button on your right to open the path to the south - you may have come here earlier to purchase Lolbits - then proceed north. Porkpatch is one of the several bosses encountered in FNaF World. Let the BossDrain and UFO Bytes do most of the work. And with new content being added every day, there's always something new to discover. A boss waits beyond. They can be nasty. The tombstone youre looking for is snugged up beside a tree. Colossals. Type Prototypes. - Blacktomb Yard is located in the south of Lilygear Lake. The Yard has the following new enemies: - The path branches out pretty quickly when you walk away from the entrance of this area. First and foremost, watch out for obstacles. The path forces you west for a while, then branches to the west and south. Welcome to the FNaF World Wiki, the one and only true encyclopedia on all information upon the newly released RPG FNaF World, based off the Five Nights at Freddy's series. There are a few things to keep in mind when traversing the sub-tunnel. Colossal, Crabapple, Seagoon, Seaweed, Supergoon Despite looking like the Beartraps you were just fighting, these guys are. Thats all of the locks. Head east from the entrance and explore to the northeast to find the lock. Instead of just walking around, you ride a boat through the lake. The expiration date also labeled Arew is the go-to source for all your home improvement, gardening, cooking, and family needs. A Green and White Plant found in Lilygear Lake. Begin by heading north along the coast and looking for another place to land. Okay, well, unlock it if you want, I guess. Tougher than Seaweed, but straightforward. Holds a button. FNAF World Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. If you don't have him, wander around Circus Funhouse for a while. Pretty standard foes. Five Nights at Freddy's World Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. Go outside of the Screen to the right and around Blacktomb Yard. He is the main antagonist and can be defeated in Hard Mode by entering the tent. Theres nothing behind it? Not much harder than most foes in the Mine. Save view resource pack show . How do you get to Security in FNaF World? You want to stand on the middle box, which displays the code '395248'. It's not just a random date that the food company picked out of thin air. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. fnaf world - how to get the key in lilygear lake:) No views Sep 3, 2022 (credits: The Magic Carrot) flash warning how to get the key in lilygear lake I'll be setting a obs. So yep, I'm lost. He is the boss of the game and can be found by swimming to the bottom of the lake and entering the cave there. Be ready to switch teams if you get down to one or two characters. FNAF Plush: Toy Bonnie Plush 8. The Yard has the following new enemies: Graveweeds. You can walk through the wall and touch the tombstone to jump. Lilygear Lake is an area in FNaF World, where you ride in a boat to progress through the level. In lillygear lake, you move around on a boat. - Head north. Clock #5 - If you search the trees near the lock on this stretch of Choppys Woods you can also find a Subtunnel entrance. Details below to make your life easier. They are the only way of entering the sub-tunnels that helps the player get to unreachable places, such as the Blacktomb Yard and the location of the Key. In Update 1, the 3D overworld reveals that those trees are actually mushrooms. All rights reserved. And he's pissed. In this world, it's impossible to survive without Bubble Breath, as not having it will constantly drain your party member's health by 30/sec. There are three entrances, one in Choppy's Woods on the right from Jump 2, one in Dusting Fields and one in Choppy's Woods from Lilygear Lake. Mysterious Cave is a combination of different tunnels coming from different places in the game. Lilly pads are also scattered around the map No NPCs have been confirmed so far. This is a 8 minute tutorial on how to get to the key in FNaF World. 3D Just after you beat the Bouncer, look to the north to find an entrance to Mysterious Mine. Five nights at freddy's 2 the movie episode 2 Night 1. Tammy Slater is the founder of, a home and garden blog that provides inspiration and resources for homeowners and renters alike. Aside from the occasional heal, your primary goal should be to slow him down with debuffs and batter him with your strongest attacks. - Head south until you hit a small southwestern clearing with no apparent exit. Pop inside. The best strategy for defeating Animdude is to first focus on taking down his security guards. Once there, press up against the third grave from the bottom in the far west of the graveyard. He. In the lower left-hand corner is the boss Porkpatch and the key, which is required to finish the game. Here you can purchase the. If you can debuff Security with effects like poison or paralysis, it will make your job a lot easier. Ooooo. In large numbers these guys can be quite dangerous, as Unscrew comes out fairly often and has a nasty tendency to stick more than you would like. In this new world, there will be 8 new characters to unlock, from which 2 need to be defeated first. If you know his games, you know its him. Porkpatch is a character in the game Lilygear Lake. RXQ is an absolutely amazing animatronic to bring along, if you're having trouble, as he can use Gift Boxes to revive dead characters and Mimic Ball to just generally copy everything everyone else is doing. Whats more, it has a a multiple-hitting orb attack called Alarm that does 9,999 damage to, Debuff and Jumpscare Security to delay its turns as much as possible, then deploy an animatronic with the move Neon Wall (Endo 02 or Endoplush) and use the Wall to block that apocalyptic orb attack. Take a right where you come in, then head south when you hit an intersection to find the clock. Chipper. Geist Lair is an secret world in FNaF World Simulator that has a few bonus things, that being 2 bosses and 8 new characters. There are seven red chests in all, and theyre allllll hard to reach. The first lock is in the northeast of Fazbear Hills, just outside town. He's back. #1: Lilygear Lake Your first red chest is quite a distance from the point of the glitch. In this new world, there are a lot of characters to talk about, but also the two strong bosses. The Pinwheel Funhouse is an area in FNaF World. Security is strong enough that it typically destroys characters in a single hit. Yet another Lolbits Byte Store is waiting over yonder, this one selling the. The button beyond. You'll also speak to Fredbear - Walk into the water and Freddy will hop onto a lily pad and start cruising on it like a surfboard. Getting around in this area is different than in the other areas of the game. Walk around the right side of the Mines entrance and touch the bottom of the nearest rock. Theyre spread throughout Animatronica, and will require a fair bit of backtracking and exploration to locate. To get here you need to head through a few Subtunnels, outlined in the previous article. The third lock is in Choppys Woods, though its accessible only from Lilygear Lake. Glitch Objects are a series of flashing objects and core mechanics in FNaF World. However, once he is defeated, the player will be able to progress to the true ending of the game. This battle is awful. You've come to the right place then! ARGH. The fifth lock is in Deep-Metal Mine. It's guarded by Porkpatch . There are a variety of them, ranging from saw blades to spiked walls. Upon entering Choppy's Woods you can find a seagull sitting on a tree stump to the right of the path, through a large tree. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America). Great way to keep Neon Wall fresh. - Yep. Glitch Objects are a series of flashing objects and core mechanics in FNaF World. Owie. Its origins are from Pinwheel Circus. Upon entering that said fourth object, the graphics will drastically simplify in contrast to the other three, with everything being simpler, somewhat like the Overworld before Update 1, albeit the background is black and every sprite is colored red. There are three entrances, one in Choppy's Woods on the right from Jump 2, one in Dusting Fields and one in Choppy's Woods from Lilygear Lake. TIME. Enter the first tent on your right to find another, smaller passage, again with a tent. Mad Endo, boss of Deep-Metal Mine in FNaF World. Categories Press up against the stump from below to get glitched into the landscape. :p Maybe he's in the graveyard but the graveyard is closed, & I forgotten how to open it. Nothing terribly notable about 'em. This minigame features three boxes that trigger codes. Three boxes will appear, each trigger a code; you need to stand on the middle box, with the code '395248'. It is, of course, guarded by an invisible enemy. Wade into Lilygear, wander north, and then head west to find the Mine. Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Security has a lot of health, so youll need to do some serious damage to take it down. Lilygear Lake is the fourth area in FNaF World. I even when through the sub tunnels trying to find him, but Fredbear isn't showing up. Lilygear Lake is the fourth area in FNaF World. This thing can hit for upwards of 500 points of damage, which is. Blacktraps. How do you get the red chest in pinwheel circus? To get at the chest you need to get through the majority of Dusting Fields. In full overworld map, Mysterious Cave is located in bottom-left part of the map. Mysterious Cave is a location in FNaF World. Because Chipper hits so hard there's not much point trying to heal your characters, so it's better to go whole-hog and use Gift Boxes every time it comes up. Hit the button nearby to open a path back to Lilygear Lake, and speak to Fredbear if you like. Return to the water and sail north, sticking to the east as much as you can. The Key allows you to open doors. FNaF World - How To Get The Key In Lilygear Lake! Watch your health. Head southwest through the Mine until you're plunged into darkness, then walk north, pressing along the edge of the map. Now you just need to find the doors. Were you looking for the core series character, Pigpatch? The purple tent to the left leads to a loop, so ignore it, walk down two tree stumps, and walk through the stump on your right. Note: You must have all worlds unlocked for the key. Valve Corporation. Re-cast Wall as necessary. It's guarded by Porkpatch. Head back there via Jump and youll find that the glowing gates near the Lolbits Byte Store have vanished. Instead of just walking around, you ride a boat through the lake. Key Location In order to obtain the key, the player must defeat Porkpatch in Lilygear Lake, whose area is only accessible via the Sub-Tunnels entered through Pinwheel Funhouse . Upon entering Choppys Woods you can find a seagull sitting on a tree stump to the right of the path, through a large tree. The fourth chest is located in the east of Mysterious Mine, and getting there is circuitous as hell. Fredbear's waiting for you when you arrive, at which point you're free to explore. This boss is both easy and ridiculous. Pinwheel Funhouse is the final area in the game, which is composed of secret areas in the previous worlds. Note: Upon going four levels down, the player will be stuck in the fourth sub-tunnel unable to leave, resulting in either talking to Old Man Consequences and getting the Fourth Glitch Ending or getting the Drowning Ending. You need to gain access to the latter half of Pinwheel Circus, going through Deep-Metal Mine, to find the secret entrance into this place. The Key can be found in an area of Lilygear Lake that can only be accessed by going through a sub-tunnel in Pinwheel Funhouse. I can't find Fredbear anywhere. One character with Mimic Ball active. He guards the key that opens all of the locked doors in the overworld. You'll find it in Mysterious Mine, via the Lilygear Lake entrance in the far north of the world map. Geist Lair is an secret world in FNaF World Simulator that has a few bonus things, that being 2 bosses and 8 new characters. 29 Withered Bonnie 2022 Pin By Barrelisred $3. FNaF World has red chests, and each one contains a Chip possessed of such awesome power that the game will, honestly, wind up much easier as a consequence. For the moment, thats it. Hop in and it will shoot you over to a circus tent on the shore.

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