Swimming pool heaters are great, they make the water warm and extend the pool season on both ends. It had not been working well so I did a rebuild kit and also replaced the back-up valve. Suction cleaners bring debris into the pump basket, which is supposed to trap the big debris, and the dusty stuff passes thru and gets trapped by the filter. Filter then sucks air in and pressure drops If you have a sand filter, I would use a sand filter cleaner, or change the sand if its been awhile. Hi, if you check the handle on top, it should be diagonal across the top, and locked in place. sanitization. If that's not the issue, check your connections to make sure nothing is loose. When the piston is in a position blocking off the rear jets and only allowing water in the front jets. Secondly, the cleaner could be overpowered. When I press the start button it wont start. When a pool cleaner does not climb the walls, there is a problem with the cleaning pattern or cleaner speed. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to help you identify pump problems and how to fix them. Rotate the wheel tubes by hand, and should rotate freely with slight resistance. We got it moving but it will only travel backwards. Shop Bathroom Products; 1-Day Bath and Shower Remodel; Professional Trade Services; . 2 reviews of Budget Pool & Spa Tech "I recently had a hot tub repair done by Budget Pool and Spa Tech, and I couldn't be happier with their service. If this still does not remedy the issue, reset the heater directly. The wires inside the cord can short or fail, esp. At this point, check the drive motor itself, to verify connections are tight. Worn footpads or seals can also reduce cleaner speed and cause it to stick to the pool floor. Any idea on why it moves outside of the pool in the air when lifted up but not when the wheels touch the ground. If threaded, you could use Teflon tape or other thread sealant on the male threads, to help seal it up. Check the wheels as well if there are any rocks or sand stuck in them. Hi Julie, the debris bag might have some holes in it, or it may have lost its elastic that holds it around the frame, or possibly is running without the filter bag installed? Measure the hose to the proper length for the pool size too much hose will cause tangling. This was a gift with no receipt. A Polaris tail sweep attachment can also be used, it wont spray out of water, only when under water. Also check that the hoses are firmly connected to each other, and that the swivel is swiveling, where the hose connects to kreepy. Hi Marla, the Compass cleaner is made by Jacuzzi, and I dont see any retailers carrying parts for it yet. Other causes of poor coverage include dirty filters, or debris in the propeller, or the top handle not positioned diagonally across the top of the cleaner. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Spec Sheet Each Jacuzzi Hot Tub offers a unique design and has a range of features. Sam, you could use a hose adapter, that should keep the hose attached. Step 4: Test the Pool Cleaner Cable. Hi Jeff, are you using an extension cord? As a last resort, place a small boulder in the area, or shorten the pool cleaner hose. Adjusting the hose weights can affect the balance If the pool depth is More than 4 feet, but less than 7 feet use 2 weights: one 4 to 12 inches and one 6 feet from the swivel head. First check the Dive Float Restrictor (#1) is in place, which locks into the Dive Float (#2), as seen on our Kreepy schematic parts page, if it is, but it still climbs too high, check that the flow is not too much; a slower speed will reduce the climbing ability, and can be accomplished by using the automatic regulator valve (#10) in the skimmer, where it connects, or by adjusting opening other suction lines (skimmer/main drain), to reduce the flow. I have a Pentair Easytouch control system and Pentair Clean & Clear Plus cartridge filter CCP420. If not, thats an important part of installation. A good troubleshooter tip to finding air leaks is use shaving cream around suspected leak areas in front of the pump (see above), and see where it sucks in. As a last resort, place a small boulder in the area, or shorten the pool cleaner hose. Inspect the power cord very carefully, moving it through your hands to see if you moving the cord starts the cleaner again. Optimum Pool & Spa, LLC. Hi Ethel; it sounds like an air leak, which could be coming from splits or holes in the vac hose, or it may be coming from in front of the pump (pump lid, pipe coming into pump, pump drain plug, or suction valves skim/md). How to Troubleshoot a Noisy Pool Pump There are two main components of a pump: the motor and the housing (and the impeller, which connects the two). IN THE LAST COUPLE MONTHS IT HAS STARTED SUCKING THE TAIL PIECE INTO THE MACHINE. This post covers common pool cleaner troubleshooting steps to help get your cleaner back into gear! This Polaris is on a separate pump. If your suction side cleaner does not cover your entire pool, check the hose length! Please help. "logo": { Where a cleaner is spending too much time on the walls, the foam pieces can be removed to encourage more floor time. While you have it detached, check to find out if the quick disconnect is broken. Ideally, the hose needs to reach from the skimmer to the farthest point of your pool, and still have a few feet to spare. We have The Pool Cleaner sweeper. It wont clean the 3ft section and the stairs. Models. It could be an propeller blockage, or hair or string wound around the top propeller, or the belts or tracks are binding up, perhaps due broken teeth on gears or belts. Check the end of the tail, there should be a small hole, about 1/8 diameter or smaller. If either one is clogged with leaves and other debris, clean them out to increase water flow. It has a second purpose of continuing to create some skimmer suction, but without a basket, whats the point. As a last resort, place a small boulder in the area, or shorten the pool cleaner hose. If your pool cleaner is beyond repair and its time for a new one, check out our selection of over 100 pool cleaners, in stock and ready to ship! (2020) Pre-Delivery Guide. Solution: A pool pulse is included with the Zodiac pool cleaner, and it has numbers on it. If the thrust jet is in a 9 or 3 oclock position, this will create a circular pattern, which may cause tangling. (2023) J-400 Owner's Manual. I have an aquabot and it is spitting all the dirt back out of the top of it. Report. I replaced the pump motor and the impeller, which was severely clogged with grass. Leaks can come from three different places - the shaft seal, the union, or the volute . How does a robot pool cleaner work? If it is loose, remove the lid and check the integrity of the O-ring that seals the lid. Hi Juanita, it probably holds in there fine when the suction is ON, but if the pump shuts off or the suction line valve is closed, it can come undone. In such a case, pierce it with a long screwdriver, or cut it with a hacksaw blade, to remove it in pieces. kd did. Suction cleaners also need a clean pool filter to move and vacuum well. works fine the will all of a sudden float to the top and stay there???? Remove any debris and check for damages to the skimmer and strainer baskets. Hi, I have the Hayward W3PVS20JST Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner. }, "wordCount": "3483", Also you can check the wheel RPMs to be sure that it is 11-14 RPM. Turn the unit off. Overview: As the global leader in third-party hotel management, our growing portfolio represents over 1,550 hotels in all 50 states and 22 countries, from top international lodging brands to luxury hotels, destination resorts and lifestyle hotels. It can also happen when a cleaner gets stuck, if suctioned tightly to the pool floor. I'm interested too-we received this Compass cleaner (free with purchase of pool heater) and haven't been able to get it to work correctly. Step 2 CHECK WIRING - Compare connections to wiring diagram on the label of the motor. Any ideas? But you may not even need to use the regulator. It just follows behind my Polaris. Adjustments to the direction of the return jets in your pool can affect cleaner coverage. Check this and also make sure that the cleaner has about 30 psi to operate. You may find other tools in your shed that are sized just right, to fit inside of the part, grabbing it so you can turn it, perhaps pruning shears or something else of the right size and shape If that doesnt work, you may have to end up destroying the part, to remove it. Also, make sure the feed hose is floating properly, not sinking or drooping. A lazy sweeping motion is best, not whipping around like crazy. To fill the hose, push it straight into the water, hand over hand, or hold it over the pool return line. 2nd in the deep end it will go up and down the floor never transitioning to climb wall and stop after about 10 minutes. Make sure motor is connected correctly for applied voltage. Another one is when the pump is running full steam, shut off pump, looking closely at suction side and strainer pot, looking for a quick spurt or spray of water, at the instant the pump shuts off. Visit our pool cleaner parts department for all the parts mentioned above. My Polaris hose suddenly wont lock into place. Soak your filters in chemical cleaner every time you drain and refill your hot tub to extend their life and loosen any stubborn particulates. The impeller fan should spin for 10-15 seconds (youll hear a soft, high-pitched whine), and the tracks should move forward, then reverse and go backward. Suction-side units tend to have smaller intakes, and without a booster pump, their suction power is often lacking. Other skimmers and main drain lines closed? The brushes and climbing rings were torn and pretty worn from the previous homeowner so we thought that was the issue so I replaced those parts. I would definitely hire him again!" See more $75/consult estimated cost View profile 2. (2020) Jacuzzi Play Owner's Manual. If that screen gets clogged, your pool cleaner will protest by freezing in place. Pool Cleaners, Pool & Hot Tub Service. It is designed to direct the water stream. If your automatic cleaner or pool vacuum isnt working, this is the post for you! Manually remove large debris and fallen objects before running the J-D300. Making adjustments to the cleaner pattern as described above may produce different results, allowing the cleaner to make a better approach to the wall. { }, 03 Why is my pump noisy? This post covers the solutions to common suction side, pressure side, and robotic pool cleaner problems. Find a Dealer. For the turning only one direction problem, it can be 1) uneven wear on the brushes or tracks, or 2) the power cable might be coiled or slightly twisted, and/or too much unnecessary cable in the pool, or 3) loose wheel tubes, worn or missing parts, or 4) uneven tab wear on brushes, I have a pool vac. Its backing up as expected, and covers the entire pool. The first thing you should do if your Zodiac pool cleaner stops and starts is to check the suction flow coming through the hose. Like any part of your pool equipment arsenal, pool cleaners malfunction from time to time. Copyright 2022 In The Swim. Worked great last year but for some reason it stays in he deep end of my pool? 04 Why is my pump noisy? Likewise, if you remove the debris bag, water should spray upward 1520 feet in the air. You can do this by adjusting valves at the pump, closing the main drain valve more for instance, or you can increase flow by adjusting the springs on the sides of the Compass Flow Control Valve, which is used at the bottom of the skimmer. Gold Supporter. Changing cleaner direction may also help, as it could be one particular spot on the pool that is at the wrong angle, causing the damage. Hi, the pool vacuum hose separates from the wall when the pump shuts off (there is some back pressure I guess when the pumps arent work), and this pushes the hose out of the connection. Im a pool cleaner. Make a small mark on the tire, so its easy to spot a full revolution, and count with a stop watch. Slight water loss around the hose swivels is normal. As they say The problem lies where the power dies, so if not at the outlet, then we cast suspicion onto the electric plug/cord, the power supply box and FUSE, and the cleaner floating power cord, plug end, and cleaner end attachment. Home / Pool Equipment / Pool Cleaners / Automatic Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting Guide. How can I get it to cover the entire pool? Or a new pool cleaning machine? Possibly also could be a bad power cord for the power supply? The thrust jet and sweeper tail should shoot water 1520 feet. Hi Matt, are you using the compression adapter, the blue threaded adapter to connect the hose to the regulator? Even if you clean the filter, a test you can do is if you have a sand or DE filter, you can put the valve on recirculate and run the system. "@type": "ImageObject", Utilizing patented technology. Sand filters are known to pass some dusty debris, really silty fine debris, in the normal course, especially with old sand or small sand filters. Install ladder guards to block the path around rails to prevent the cleaner from wrapping around the handrail. A pool vacuum is a relatively simple device in which the swimming pool's pump system is used to draw water through the head of a portable vacuum appliance that scrubs along the bottom and sides of the pool. If it is turning, there is a problem with engagement between pulleys and belts, not the right amount of tension. The floating cords can break inside the casing, without any external damage, especially near the cleaner, where it enters the cleaner. Check your return line eyeball fittings, aiming them down towards the floor is usually best. It could also be a damaged wall fitting connector, item D-29, but usually itts the UWF. The hose is not floating like it should be? Hi Jon, first make sure that the cleaner is in floor/wall mode. If missing, that is the problem and if you can find it, you may be able to re-use it, otherwise youll need a new tail assembly. The leaf bag could be also full, holding the cleaner back from powering around the pool. An adjustment to the tail sweep screw, tightening the screw, located where the tail attaches, below the head float will reduce water flow to the tail. I started SSOS because I have a love for kids and a want to help families with their children. Leaves, rocks, or other rubbish in the baskets will reduce your pump's water flow and slow down the suction side cleaner. Sowing Seeds Of Success LLC 1 day ago. Free shipping for many products! My Kreepy Krauly only goes to the left so in just goes in a circle I have just put all new parts in side and new feet and wings. lots of things to check, depending on your filter type! Specialties: We specialize in swimming pool tile cleaning, swimming pool tile repair, calcium removal from fountains and other water features. (in your case, just to be sure that none are clogged). Any ideas? Played with the skimmer valve, thats not it. Polaris style), or hose connection, something new needed! Optimum Pool & Spa, LLC Top Pro Very good 4.6 Too much power to a pressure cleaner can cause it to fly around the pool and tangle itself. Air will leak into the system if the connections are loose or if the hose is damaged. It also makes the cleaning process less efficient, as there is not much cleaning to be done on the wall or tile line. #2. Hi Deb, it depends on what model you have I would search online for the owners manual, and then go to the troubleshooting section in the last pages, and look for your symptom. Ideal for use in small pools or hot tubs. Worn footpads or seals can also reduce cleaner speed and cause it to stick to the pool floor. But when I hold it slightly above the floor the wheels turn the amount of revolutions I would expect. Most of the time, your pool cleaner just needs a few tweaks here or there, or some pool cleaner parts, and its off and running again. "caption": "In The Swim Blog" My automatic regulator keeps cracking any idea why ?I have gone through 3 in the past year or so. The owners manual defines the blinking It could be a motor issue, or possible a cord issue. Serving Novato and the Surrounding Area. This should free the Jet Valve System of any debris. A clogged basket or dirty filter are the two main causes for a sluggish suction side cleaner. Oftentimes, the wires inside the rubber casing will short out or break. Adjusting the two vents can also affect the direction of travel. So, either your driver motor is not turning on, or it is turning on but is not engaging something, starting from the small T pin on the motor spindle, to the tightness of the belts, or small missing clips or parts that prevent movement. 101. the pump motor provides vacuum and suction, the drive motor turns the pulley that pulls the belts and drive tracks around the tubes, and creates the movement. With over 10 years experience in replacing covers for all Jacuzzi models, we are sure to have yours on file. Pool Lube on the o-ring can also be helpful, sometimes necessary, to get the fitting turned in all the way. whew! If the cleaner is going behind ladders or handrails and getting stuck, use a ladder guard. "@type": "BlogPosting", Aiper Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting Aiper Orca 1200 Pro Aiper Orca 1300 Aiper Orca 2000 Aiper Orca 800 Mate Aiper Seagull 1000 Aiper Seagull 600 Or close some jets? For other cleaners, check the owners manual for adjustments that can be made to hose floats and head floats and jets to produce less wall climbing (usually people want more!). If your pool cleaner hose hung on a hook all winter, or the hose was wrapped too tight, it can develop a kink in the hose that causes it to twist and tangle. after removing the basket from the skimmer, there is a horizontal pipe on the pool side and a horizontal pipe on the deck side, but nothing on the bottom.

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