I can also tell you that Ray Mentzer, at a body weight of 260 pounds, was the strongest man I ever trained, with a work ethic and pain tolerance to match. 1-2 Sets for as Long as Possible. Compared to full-range exercise, Id have to say that full-range exercise given that youre dealing with healthy trainees would supply many more benefits. His left arm was 19 inches. Calf Raise Breakdown (two drops) Wrist Curl, Day Two With Arthur Jones Supervision, a Little Goes a Long Way. In fact, we ended up chauffeuring Cooper to his hotel. Joness personal form when he trained himself was impeccable. If Arthur Joness specialty is intensity, then Ken Hutchinss forte is form. And Im glad he did. Cooper, answering a question, knocked strength training. Legs. HGH . On June 12th, in York, Pennsylvania, at the 1971 Mr. America, Casey weighed 218 pounds and displayed his dominance by winning the main title and five of the six subdivisions . He was found dead in his apartment, due to heart complications, by his younger brother and fellow bodybuilder Ray Mentzer. When a trainee thought he was finished, Jones could always get at least two more reps from that individual. But Ken often strength trained with the team and was significantly stronger than the top players. Leg ext - 1 x 16 reps It was the essential basic Heavy Duty routine consisting of four to five sets per bodypart and broken into two workouts. I have repeatedly come across trainers asserting that static contraction is a good second-best for those with limited mobility or other disabilities; I have not seen the research to prove that it should be regarded as second-best at all, nor have I seen anyone cite such research it seems to be just a belief thats out there. a side for 11 reps his 1st day back. Wrist roller, Day Three A situation of increase and decline Less than 48 hours after Mikes passing, he passed away, leaving the bodybuilding community in complete darkness. Food blog that features daily healthy recipes. Ill report on the discovery this fall, so I encourage interested readers to give me a holler at www.DrDarden.com. Back. He was always clear about his goals and diligent in pursuing them. Jim Flanagan and I trained Casey for several months in 1978, and helped get his body weight up to 220 pounds, but it was a real chore trying to get him fired-up for the majority of his training sessions. No other HIT books covers NTF training. Coes arms, because of their unusual shape, always looked bigger than they measured. Mike Mentzer 3 day workout routine I found this on youtube and wanted to share it with you guys. The 18-1/2 pounds of muscle occurred in 11 days, not 14. Sitting about 30 yards away was a man who was also examining slides and arranging them in a carousel. Of course, the lower back is also stimulated because it is involved in the move. Why? Disclaimer: This website is an educational service that provides general health information. During the competition, Mike and Arnold had a bitter argument that was never settled, and worse, continued to fester. Furthermore, the chart and routines extend for longer than a year. And Whitley achieved that without the help of creatine. Joe Mullen, a former Nautilus club owner, recently told me that he saw Ray go through a HIT workout in 1999. . But Ive never had the chance to train him, or train with him. In New Orleans, a month later at the Mr. USA, Viator weighed 210 pounds and was more cut than he was when he was 5 pounds lighter. I recommend his books and training principles, but I do not advocate is maintance routine. Instead, he announced that combating successfully what was on the interior was the final test of a Nautilus obstacle course, and let her enter ahead of him. In the middle of the Nautilus compound was a non-descript, 30- by 50-foot, metal building, which was the home of 40 large crocodiles that Jones had brought in from Jamaica. "For a while Mike and I strayed from our high intensity, heavy poundage workouts into a program using lighter weights and higher reps. Of course, in the long run, youre going to need large amounts of both. Viator more than doubled Hudlows rate of growth. What was Ray Mentzer's arm training routine? Since they were a few of the forerunners of High Intensity Training, one question I get about them is: How intense was their training? The result: Jones built 11-1/4 pounds of muscle in 14 days, which is not bad at all for a man almost 50 years of age. The reason his workouts were referred to as HIT (High-Intensity Training). All of us should strive to win back those previous HIT believers. A goal of 160,000 for The New HIT seems reachable. Drew Baye: In Joness 1973 Colorado Experiment, how much muscle did Casey Viator gain during the first two weeks? . Also, Im in the process of updating my Web site, which was called Classic X. Who is he? But it was no use. "A LOOK AT HIGH INTENSITY BODYBUILDING" is a professionally made film featuring the legendary MIKE MENTZER, one of bodybuilding's most massive physique champions and world renowned expert and teacher of HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING. The insurgent 28-year-old Mentzer finished a controversial fifth and, in the aftermath, retired. He had the knack of saying or doing whatever was necessary to get the desired response, which in most cases was more repetitions. Id respond to them. Thus, Viator moved from Louisiana to Florida during the latter part of June 1970. If you are serious about your physique, youll seriously want to Are you tired, irritable, and lacking motivation? How do you get a physique like Chris Evans? Mentzer, however, was only warming up. In early 1971, because of business and travel commitments, Jones stopped personally training Viator. A high-protein diet was once widely regarded by bodybuilders to be the secret to gaining muscle mass. A major reason, I believe, is either ignorance, or a neglecting, of the principle of "indirect effect". However, a number of trainees seem to suffer overtraining even from such brief workouts once they genuinely achieve an intense level of effort. . Maintaining a healthy weight as a bodybuilder becomes increasingly essential, especially after age 40. Arthur Jones frequently said that when he trained Viator, Casey got bigger and leaner, by the day. Our double-team plan had failed. The latest statistics from the Sports Goods Manufacturers Association reveals that approximately 20,000,000 males in the United States are actively involved in bodybuilding and strength training. Then release it for another positive. It was the essential basic Heavy Duty routine consisting of four to five sets per bodypart and broken into two workouts. Rodale is the best of the bunch. Viator had never experienced a workout like Jones put him through and Jones had never exercised anyone with Viators genetic potential. What do you think of his not to fail sets? Thus, taking 8 percent of that number indicates that 1,600,000 males are into HIT. When I was around Mike, we got along fine. In his prime, Ray was one of the strongest bodybuilders, if not the strongest, with 900 pounds squatted for 2 reps. Ray is among the strongest bodybuilders I have ever seen, according to Bill Pettis. What I see is experimentation and progression in both methods and teaching them over time refinement. Of course Ell writes and says a lot of the same things Arthur did it was his job. If they had two or three guys they would do negatives and incorporate stutter reps. Rest pause can be incorporated without too much outside assistance or energy expended for training partners if you have the right machines and even with free weights on some exercises like barbell curls, laterals, etc. Bill Pearl was a major influence on Rays bodybuilding. Born in 1941, Franco Columbu was a Strongman competitor and bodybuilder who won two Mr. Olympia titles: in 1976 and 1981. Ellington Darden: People ask him that all the time, and Ill shoot straight with you. McCutcheon believes in simple, get-as-strong-as-you-can, basic exercises. Mike & Ray Mentzer - In the Gym. He was thoroughly worn out and his muscles were primed for rest by the 45-minute mark. That year he also took part in AAU Mr. America and placed at 10th. Theres probably a few more, but I cant recall them right now. It was during this time that he developed his largest physique. He quickly competed in and won the Junior Mr. America and IFBB Mr. America competitions. Drew Baye: Why didnt Jones train his legs during the Colorado Experiment? Is that correct? He was that strong. After graduating from high school, he worked in United States Air Force and started working out 3 hours a day and 6 days a week. I could feel myself actually growing during and after the workout.. That fourth repetition will be a bear, but you should be able to finish it which will build your confidence for your next workout. The Mentzer brothers were fairly candid about the steroids they used, especially Ray if I remember correctly. After Ray retired from completion he continued to workout with his high intensity training approach he called "Intensity For Immensity" and reached a peak body weight of 270 pounds in fairly lean condition. I learned how to do these things by reading and "digesting" the works of novelist/philosopher, Ayn Rand. All it takes to get bigger and stronger, Miller says with his friendly demeanor, is an understanding of weight-training basics and hard work.. When an intermediate or advanced bodybuilder finds himself on a plateau, he is wise to consider cutting back on workout volume, while reasserting his commitment to a high intensity of effort. Not surprising to me, the addition of 18-1/2 pounds of muscle increased his resting metabolic rate by 530 calories, or 28.6 calories per pound of added muscle per day. Evidently, her interest in seeing the video studios had vanished. As a result, Hudlow made steady progress for the entire 6 months that I trained him. The New Bodybuilding for Old-School results is sold out, but we can point you toward . So were all the negative reps, extended sets, stutter reps, rest pause and hydraulic assisted reps any more productive than the traditional set training? He always trained alone, after finishing his day job. If you have ever made a new year fitness resolution as a bodybuilder, you can attest that keeping your new years Hormones are chemical substances released by glands in the body to regulate various functions. Likewise, the indirect effect ought to be greater as well. He also has several bars and 400 pounds of free weights. Again, he was judged an easy winner. His first scheduled contests under Joness guidance were Teenage Mr. America, during the last week of July, followed a month later by Mr. USA. Drew Baye: I also think that the bodybuilder you use to illustrate your HIT exercises has an outstanding build. In a local physique contest, however, Hutchins would have been pressed to finish in the top 10 (just kidding, Ken). Then his brother died two DAYS later at age 47. The idea is that by stopping short of failure you spare your recovery ability the task of having to overcompensate from a much deeper inroad. He admitted to spending three hours a day in the gym as a young man while serving in the United States Air Force. Born: Also make sure to increase the weight in a particular exercise whenever possible. Did he ever do any amusing things around Nautilus? Mike Mentzer Photo Album. There were several times when he appeared to be interested, but it quickly faded. Then, the high altitude associated with being in the mountains of Fort Collins, Colorado, had him feeling somewhat dizzy, especially during his workout. He and some other guys would perform squats for hours on end. His overall routines include about 50-percent Bowflex exercises and 50- percent free-weight exercises. The Ray Mentzer story is one of success, but also tragedy. Net Worth, Partner, Biography, The Untold Story of Ice-Ts 44-Year-Old Daughter Letesha Marrow. In this interview the author of the best-selling Nautilus book series retraces his early training days with Arthur Jones and Casey Viator and talks about some of the golden-age bodybuilders who inspired him. Ray would throw Saturday night squat parties every Saturday night. Rest 2 to 3 minutes But I dont think Arnolds triceps, nor forearms, were in the same category as Viators, Olivas, and Coes. Mike suffered a heart attack while he was sleeping. If on Monday, for example, you performed 200 pounds for 10 repetitions on the bench press with a barbell, then on Wednesday, you still take 200 pounds, but you stop the set after repetition 8. The next morning he instructed Ray Mentzer to meet Martina at the airport and escort her back to Lake Helen. The last of the three exercises: extremely slow leg presses, 4 repetitions in 120 seconds, will rock your world but good. Leg curl - 1 x 16 reps I dont believe Casey ever got his muscular, competitive body weight above 220. Assuming you understand the meaning of deep commitment and very hard work, that routine will guide you to significant gains. Mike started working out three times a week, and at the age of 15, despite only weighing 165 pounds, he could bench press 370 pounds (170 kilograms) (75kg). To compound the loss of Mike, on June 11th, at approximately 9:00 PM, Ray died in his sleep. After multiple visits, Hutchins was hired in 1977 by our sports-medicine orthopedist to be his assistant. When did you go all absolutionist? If Mike would have won the Olympia, the world of professional bodybuilding might now be significantly different. But trainees have found overall strength and size increases as a result of squatting - even when it is the only exercise performed for long periods. I told Ken that compartmentalizing exercise and recreation was on-target and I thought his new concept was going to help our cause. Generally, Mike Mentzers writings, success in contests, and inspiring photographs influenced bodybuilders everywhere to train harder and briefer. Pullover Hutchins was a beginner and I had been training seriously for a number of years. So, Jones refocused on his personal training, cracked the whip as only he could, and Casey responded. Drew Baye: Can you tell me more about this NTF workout. I offered to drive her back even told her Id run the car through a Jiffy Wash, Ray deadpanned afterward. In the end, Rays life was both successful and tragic. Is there anything Im missing here? As we discussed the topic further, I glanced across the lobby, which was in the center of four departure-arrival gates. I know a lot of people believe that adding that much muscle so quickly is impossible. Mentzer's dedication never wavered. I have read before that Mike and Ray Mentzer were really into using amphetamines to train harder. And youre correct, youd have thought that with his devotion to hard training, hed have been on cloud nine. Ellington Darden: Actually, I understated the time period. It was starting to become a sideshow then. Gday Drew For example, full-range exercise provides more thorough muscular strengthening, more stretching for flexibility, more work for the cardiorespiratory system, and more calorie-burning ability from the overall workout. Super-Slow - Take a full 10 seconds to perform the positive part of the reps and four seconds for the negative. Home BLOG Products Online Courses Videos About Support Search. You take your normal weight or resistance and instead of going to failure or beyond, you simply quit two reps short of your previous best effort. I followed Mentzer's prescribed routine in his Heavy Duty 2 Mind and Body book. Ellington Darden: The first thing that pops into my mind happened in Atlanta, Georgia, one night in February 1980. Mike eventually decided to call it a day and go to bed as exhaustion set in. Drew Baye: Due to the level of motivation required to perform the kind of outright hard work involved in high intensity training, do you think most people would get better results training with a partner? I noticed that Cooper was being very animated and seemed to be expressing himself well. Pay particular attention to the bottom turnaround. Harder, briefer exercise helped create larger, stronger muscles. The sad story does not end here. Put simply, when you work one muscle, other unworked muscles are affected; when it grows, they growto a smaller extent, of course. Here is where indirect effect comes in. Targeted to fitness and bodybuilding press, newsletters, and Web sites. (Creamy, Classic Taste), How to make Brown Sugar Grilled Peaches? The entire movement needs to be fluid and controlled. Ellington Darden: I like SuperSlow. I assumed one of the Mens Health design team would be assigned to do the layout of my book. Today, that percentage of involvement has shrunk by half, which leaves approximately 8 percent. Get ready for an incredible pump. There were Clancy Ross (45) and George Eiferman (48), with their massive chests, as well as John Farbotnik (50). Drew Baye: How is your book, The New High-Intensity Training, different from other HIT books, such as those written by John Little, Stuart McRoberts, Brian Johnston, and Matt Brzycki? Your goal is for each repetition to take 30 seconds: 15 seconds on the positive and 15 seconds on the negative. Multiple sets, warm ups working up to heavy all out sets but there were no negatives or forced reps. Ive never taken Drews writings, comments as disdain for slow rep training. Interestingly, I replicated the 14-day experiment with another Gainesville Health & Fitness subject, Michael Spillane. Make them alternate days, and try to rest on your off days. I took accurate measurements of Hudlow before and after, as well as photos of him from the front and back, which you can examine in the HIT book on page 202, so Ive tried to present the results in as factual a way as possible. Or a training partner with a watch can talk your through each phase. And there was Marvin Eder, who never achieved Mr. America, but it was clear from the film that he should have won in the early 1950s. Ray continued working out diligently behind the scenes even though he was no longer in the spotlight on the bodybuilding stage. I do think, however, that the creatine monohydrate formula was responsible for from 25 to 30 percent of the results. Kens exercise/recreation section explained how to define exercise (which involved disciplined overload and was not fun), and then how to separate it from recreation (which required no overload and was enjoyable). Rodales marketing team assures me that the book will be: Excerpted in Mens Health MUSCLE magazine (September issue). Remember, this was on an advanced bodybuilder, the hardest specimen to realize real muscle growth because of being so close to his genetic potential. Hutchins and I both has access to weights through the school system. I was a bit worried. Olivas arms were round like a couple of bowling balls and Viators were massive and rock hard. It didn't take long for Ray's body weight to climb from 250 to a lean 260 pounds. By Paul Becker. (Cooper was speaking at a hospitals grand opening the next morning.) By Steve Wedan (visit his website at www.SteveWedanArt.com). But as I look back on my 45 years of bodybuilding experience, combined with the thousands and thousands of individuals Ive trained (and observed training), I can say with confidence that more people would profit from an understanding and application of proper form, than from proper intensity. Nice interview Drew. In 1990, I worked with Keith Whitley, a bodybuilder from Dallas, Texas, who added 29 pounds of muscle in six weeks 11-1/4 pounds of it occurred during the first two-week period. When Ray had the Muscle Mill in Redondo Beach, there was a guy named Ross who worked for Universal Studio as a stage manan experienced machinist. Pullover Filmed in the gym late at night, they blast their way through their display workout routines with heavy weights which are a little less than they would normally use. Sometimes, being unable to express yourself can produce an unexpected benefit. I must point out this about Viators courage and fortitude. Drew Baye: How many bodybuilders do you figure are interested in HIT? His conclusion was to accept exercise for what it is, hard work, and not try to make it recreation or fun. Ray too, died within 48 hours of Mike's passing. Posted on Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 by John Wood. As HIT decreased its following from 16 to 8 percent, high-volume training (HVT) increased its numbers from 16 to 24 percent. If any nontheoretical, real-life example will serve to prove the efficacy of indirect effect. DW: I was wondering when you talk about training 20 sets for the biceps 3 times a week, what you think about the lower-volume, high-intensity training that Mike and Ray Mentzer use. I thought Mike would have thrived being around Nautilus and Arthur Jones. Who is that muscular guy? I thought to myself. The other project is best described by its working title: Accentuate the NEGATIVE: The Negative Way to Positive Fat Loss. Bent Over rows Then again on things like squats they trained more traditional (but of course very heavy). Ray was forced to wait for a different donor. He would exert himself to the point of muscle failure because of this. After a while, we would have to pin additional weight on most of the Nautilus machines. Franco Columbu was also an amateur boxer, and like his good friend Arnold Schwarzenegger, a movie star. It happened to me, to Flanagan, to Boyer Coe, to Ray Mentzer. Surprisingly, he moved them around his body as he talked and listened with an unassuming, childlike glee. Ive tried them several times and Ive definitely felt the tension. He stood only 5'8 yet packed 215 pounds of rock-solid muscle on his frame. Ellington Darden: I have a couple of projects in the formative stages. Ray had become a full-time competitor by the age of 23. Mike and Ray Mentzer Dead Monday morning, June 11, 2001, an e-mail was sent to us saying that Mike Mentzer has passed away June 9th. Net Worth, Partner, Biography. Ray Mentzer was even stronger than Mike, right? When Jones asked him to flex his arm, his forearm mass seemed to jettison his biceps into a much higher than anticipated mound of muscle. Coe had more flat, oval-shaped, peaked upper arms than did either Viator or Oliva. Despite not being stage-level shredded, Rays enormous and chiseled figure was impressive to behold. By age 15 he weighed 165 pounds and could bench press 370 pounds. Today, he weighs a lean 220 pounds and has muscular forearms, thick wrists, and a vise-like grip. A couple of years earlier, at one of the industrys annual fitness conventions, Hutchins had been involved in a panel discussion that included Cooper. When I went to Baylor University in 1962, there was a guy on the football team named Bobby Crenshaw. Once he had reached that stage, Ray would ask his workout partner to assist him in performing another 2 to 3 forced reps while maintaining slow, precise form and controlling the weight. They would send me various items, including tiny photos of themselves. Drugs, hormone injections, implants, and who knows what else, have destroyed professional bodybuilding today. Promoted with an extensive Internet media campaign. But now, judging from the photo spreads in the magazines, its ridiculous. You can make it work for you. I figure that one set of this will hit all fibre-types; I often have vicious recovery-pains following this protocol. Rest 1 minute All rights reserved. Once I saw her creative design and layout, I realized that she had leapfrogged significantly my other bodybuilding books. Serves coffee strong enough to stand an elephant on its ear. Drew Baye: The publisher of your new HIT book is Rodale. MIKE MENTZER: "MY HEAVY DUTY WORKOUT ROUTINE" John Little 20.8K subscribers 67K views 9 months ago In this presentation, recorded in 1990, Mike Mentzer reveals the program (exercises, sets,.

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