4)He will try to create the most comfortable living conditions for his family.It is important for him to feel stability and be confident in the future. A deep thinker, he will always be found wrapped up in philosophical thoughts. 12)With bad aspects,it may indicate problems in your studies.Their attention is unfocused and they have a very chaotic memory. 5)Very good position for businessmen.A person with such a position has good managerial abilities,purposefulness and great vital energy. This part represents the physical body, sphere of identity, approach to life, and personal outlook. It indicates new age ideas and scientific ways of thinking. 1)Their work must be creative for career growth. When Neptune is in the first house in the natal chart, it can happen that it is located close to the ascendant. 14)Good aspects point to a good friend.They are able to support and inspire not only themselves,but also their friends.They give good advice,but only if they have personally encountered a similar problem. It is the natural ruler of the 12th house and Pisces. She is a great strategist and fights for her independence and freedom above all else. 4)Bad aspects are indicative to idleness and unwillingness to be serious.A person wants to have fun all the time and not work. You're artistic and imaginative. Neptune in 1st House synastry can make you feel like an outsider. Venus in the First House Meaning According to astrology books, typically, the personality traits of natives with Venus in the First House are charming, romantic, passionate, daring, sociable, friendly, and elegant. This is a highly spiritual connection that can be difficult to express in words. 3)Lilith in the 5th house can really indicate a person-a bad parent. To achieve this, they do not need to have the same thoughts and emotions as the person with whom they sympathize. 1)Strong feelings,attracting money,inheritance,profitable marriage. 2)From an early age,such people are used to carrying a lot of responsibility on their shoulders.As a rule,they are entrusted with the most difficult and painstaking work. Copyright Ryan Hart Publishing LLC - All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy. 2)Like the sixth house you need to value yourself and your time and not help everyone. They have magnetic personality, love to dance, music and literature. (But you still need to look at Mercury). 2)With bad aspects,a person can lead a debauched lifestyle and be frivolous. 4)Very often such people are very demanding in love. And not are versatile and easy going. 7)5 house can indicate the number of your children or their signs/dominants.My father has Jupiter and Saturn in the 5th house,and our dominant signs with my sister are Sagittarius and Aquarius(signs are the rulers of the planets). 8)Inoticed that their mothers are very photogenic and look young.They are like wine, which is more delicious and more expensive every year. 1)Person is impatient.The last thing he likes to do is wait a long time for a response to his messages.Such a person can show pressure in business situations,and often achieves what he wants through courage and a natural gift of persuasion. His research is focused on making connections between people better, stronger, more meaningful, and longer lasting using technology. by others, because the essence of who they are is constantly projected outwards Since the 1st edition of this book was published in 1991, it has been a widely used reference book for many astrologers and their students who have recognized the value and importance in horoscope interpretation of the midpoints--the Its this astrological point that symbolically represents our entry to the world. 1)With a harmonious Neptune in the 7th house,the native radiates the energy of love and subconsciously waits for acceptance and sympathy when getting married,moving to a new job and entering a University. 9)As children,they may have been too active.I cant say if they had many friends,but they werent bored even when they were alone.They could always come up with a game. 2)He doesnt give the impression of an active and active person.Others often underestimate him. 13)They love listening to bad bitch music so much ahahahaha,I wouldnt be surprised if they can twerk. A life that is ruled by Neptune in the first house engenders a vulnerable character. -Their mother might have been divorced because she was stronger than their father. 1)They are prone to reckless spending,they can spend their entire salary on a certain thing that they literally fell in love"with. 2)Most of all,he does not like to borrow or lend,and if this happens,the subject tries to restore the monetary balance by all means. Something significant may have had appeared in their childhood which caused the child to grow too soon and as an adult now the child within is suppressed down to the subconscious. I find that Neptune is a different type of beauty, though - Neptunian women and men are glamorous, other-wordly. Usually, it gifts a beautiful appearance in general. 1)The person lived in comfortable conditions.Either he had a very nice house,or he had good food.They often had visitors.Their parents loved each other very much. 2)At home,it can be authoritarian,controlling,and tough.It is important for him that everyone in the family obeys his rules and regulations. myself) And I love them, but we crush. 1)They are very graceful,stylishly dressed,although not necessarily expensive.But they still look successful and successful,even if there is very little money in the account. The native is usually delicate with weaknesses of fears and anxiety. 1st house; first impression, physical appearance and body, self, approach to thoughts and acts 2nd house; self-esteem, financies, approach to money, values 3rd house; all forms of communication (writing, talking etc.) 2)Such a person tries to avoid risks and non-standard situations related to money.Has a habit of investing funds,even at a small interest rate,but in a reliable bank. 1)Friendly and pleasant to communicate with.Very good position for managers.They know how to get acquainted and avoid conflicts. 2)Getting to know your partner through religion,art,travel.They have a preference for foreigners,other races and religions.Good relations with the partners parents. This Neptune placement signifies that your imagination and inspiration are strong; that you may be easily distracted by the endless realm of ideas that dance about in your head. 2)You can be inspired by other people through socializing, walking, or posting with other peoples thoughts.If you want to get inspired, go to Pinterest or Tumblr.At the same time,you have a good imagination,you do not copy the others, but only get inspired by small things.for example, a color palette or atmosphere. -They love to give themselves gifts.They can take a long time to choose an outfit not to impress,but to pass by the mirror,they can smile at their appearance(you are really cool). 2)They rarely change their place of work,they are more comfortable when everything around them is familiar. 4)Often he spends his childhood in a poor family,and therefore in mature years he tries to hyper-compensate for this,making the accumulation of material values his only goal.They are not afraid of any work. 4)You are inspired by other people.You can get to know a person and be impressed by their hobby,and the next day try it out.If you want to get inspired,go to Pinterest or write to your friends. 5)Such a person may not be aware of some of their talents.Try as many hobbies as possible please. They usually stand out. He is intuitive about others' intentions. 5)They like to explore theories and riddles.They are very curious and they like mysticism,they can like detectives. His mind is filled with strange concepts, and he has the ability to translate these into his work. 3)Big money can come to them in an unusual or unexpected way.And also mysteriously disappear. 4)He was used to acting quickly and confidently towards others.Sometimes he shows excessive pressure and strong-willed influence,which is perceived negatively by others.With soft and sensitive people,such a person is not on the way. 4)Excellent speakers,they are able to win the attention of the public and be the center of attention.They speak clearly and beautifully. 1)With good aspects,a person easily recovers and has a good physical shape.With bad aspects,a person can often get seriouslyill,they often come across bad doctors or common diseases(colds)pass harder than others. These individuals have been seen as sensitive, intuitive, and artistic. But even then she may have difficulties undertaking decisions since she will tend to see obstacles in every possibility. by Ryan Hart | Updated on September 21, 2021 | Post may contain affiliate links. 4)Good teamwork skills.Depending on Mars,this person can be a commander or a manager. The person born with Neptune in the 1st House will often have a powerful imagination, which may cause them to lead others to believe that they can do things that arent necessarily possible. 1)A person has problems with one of the parents who may have liked alcohol or illegal substances.Or he died early.Often,such people may still have a parent who is ill with something,who needed a lot of care. 1)A very strong and brave person.He can be quick-tempered,but due to his perseverance and strong character,he wins competitions and is a good opponent. 1)I notice that this position gives a heavy burden in finances.A person can earn good money,but in his life there may be cases when they urgently need to spend it. 3)Negative aspects indicate short temper and stubbornness.Such people argue for the sake of argument.Positive aspects indicate fairness.Such a person is interested in the opinions of other people and tries to expand their knowledge. 1)Their circle of acquaintances is large,and they easily start relationships with a variety of people.A person can maintain foreign contacts and have many friends and well-wishers abroad. 2)The 5th house sometimes points to our children,so I just wish you patience.Your child may be too active or disobedient,try to teach from childhood to love to learn,otherwise there may be problems in the future.It can also be a Sun Aries or Scorpio. You probably have immersive, life-like dreams, and your dream world might extend into your real life. 3)They have a certain taste that they design on clothing and the interior of the house.I often meet such people with blue or green eyes. They are unsure of who they are and what their role is on this planet. By the way, what could you say about this Moon and Sun? 1)Mercury in Cancer is so nice to talk to.It is not difficult for them to make a compliment or come up with a cute nickname for a person. 5)Such people really change their appearance for the better every year. He can get lost in daydreams, especially when excited. A person with Neptune in the 1st house carries the immense whirlpools of this oceanic planet around with them. Because this can be an appearance-based attraction, though potent, there needs to be more than physical attraction to hold the relationship together. 3)Bad aspects indicate a weak immune system.A person can catch a cold from a light breeze.It is necessary to monitor the level of vitamins and water levels in the body. People's first impression of you when they meet you face-to-face. Live Trading Lab; Financial Literacy So, she will always know how to please her man anyhow. Pisces, the other . 1)You are very sensitive to the topic of money and probably want to have more of it than you have now.You reach out to people who already have money or obviously want wealth. She will probably have a job that contributes to society, helping others. The area around the ascendant is one of the Gauquelin sectors. 5)Their partner can be a careerist or just a successful person.Sometimes indicates a marriage at work. 4)Good aspects indicates that the person is easy to communicate with colleagues and to make new friends.He is loved and appreciated at work. 2)You have an optimistic outlook on life,and you give the impression of being cheerful,confident.You can cry at night,but try to do something again during the day.You are very strong personalities! 2)He likes to take care of his house.Quite hospitable,although it requires personal space. The Neptune in 1st House woman has a refined, creative and artistic nature with a tendency toward the mystical. 2)When the planet is affected,idealistic expectations turn into broken dreams:it is difficult to join the team,do not accept it as it is,you have to sacrifice your interests. This happens because he lacks confidence and always feels anxious. These people may profess a desire for artistic improvement but not actually produce anything or they may keep scribbling away at a piece long after it is useful. 3)Hes friends with all sorts of people.Nationality,level of education and status in society are not important here.The main thing is to have common hobbies,aspirations and desires. 1)The position of a perfectionist.If he does the work,he strives to do it well.If he doesnt like it,hell redo it. Either way, we tend to see flashes of creativity from Neptune in the 1st House natives. 3)Their partner may suffer from some kind of mental disorder and the person will help to cure it. 3)The harmonious aspects of Saturn with other planets help a person maintain health until old age. 1)They love children.They are good parents,teachers and specialists in the field of child psychology.Their children are often girls,with artistic talent and physical beauty. gemini x cancer = 6/10 virgo x scorpio = 9/10 the burning castle. 4)With bad aspects,a person has a lot of intrigues and betrayals in life. To be successful, people with Neptune in the First House will need to gain a firm hold on their sense of . gemini x capricorn = 6/10 They do not get caught up in gossip and do their own thing. though they want to have a hand on everything! 2)A wonderful aspect for an astrologer,fortune teller or clairvoyant.A person literally feels the cards or energy of a person.They notice the signs of fate. scorpio x aquarius = 7/10 Your name, title, and any other unique words you (and others) use to identify you. 1)Perfectionists,so they can be trusted with difficult and responsible work.They may be too lazy or too hardworking.They love to thoroughly understand complex mechanisms and processes,they like to process and analyze information,put everything on the shelves,optimize their activities. -Paradoxically,it would seem that according to statistics,among people with schizophrenia,those who have the Moon in Taurus,more than those who have the Moon in Cancer and Pisces.This is difficult to understand at first glance,since it is generally believed that it is Cancers and Fish that are most susceptible to schizophrenia.Apparently,it happens that a person who is stereotypically set up for stable situations,finding himself in a situation of unexpected discomfort,suffers a more severe breakdown.After all,any strength,as a rule,has a limit. 3)Good aspects create a sense of benefit.Such a person knows who to make deals with,he has a profitable and active job. 4)Their family could be deeply religious or their religion was very important to them.The person himself rarely denies religion,but can change it if he rethinks his beliefs. 2)The weak position of the planet provokes intrigues and intrigues of colleagues and strained relations with the boss,and in a strong position,the sharpened intuition of the native will help to get away with it. 4)This position is good in sports,because a person has competitiveness.He doesnt want to cheat,because he wants to be honest with himself first of all.Such a person,if desired,can train for days and nights. 4)In a good position a person can give good advice. You may have been separated from it, either literally or figuratively. It immediately adds a strongly sensitive, stormy, and magnetic resonance to their being. They can be visionaries and are highly compassionate towards others. 2)Falling in love with an unattainable object a movie actor,a singer,an inaccessible beauty,for example,the one in the mirror:). 5)You distribute your opportunities correctly and are a good employee. 13)Very often it turns out that their mother is a believer. 3)In a relationship,they love attention and gifts.They love compliments and tend to show their feelings to their partner more often. 1)He always feels that he is being underestimated.Whatever such a person does,his merits dont become public.He has low self-esteem. 3)He is attracted to successful and rich people.This position likes to save money or increase it.Sometimes it points to collectors. 4)I especially recommend that you sort out your childhood problems.Saturn requires you to understand his lessons,otherwise the severity and pain from them will be for the rest of your life. chenle. 1)You work well in collaboration with others who share your goals,ideals,and intentions.You can inspire people to work towards a common goal. Charming, very charming. They may also have a heightened sense of compassion and involvement with others, as they intuitively sense what others need. 1)You have good friends who will help you with advice or financial assistance.You are sociable and have several groups of friends(but look at the house). 4)With bad aspects,mental disorders and deep mental suffering are possible.Good aspects increase strength and energy,activity and enterprise and create an opportunity to acquire real estate and implement ideas,plans and goals. We see this in the celebrities below. 2)Like the sixth house you need to value yourself and your time and not help everyone. 3)It is pleasant to argue with him,he competently conveys his thoughts and opinions.Such a person can succeed in contractual and legal activities. These people tend to be hyper-sensitive to their environment, acting like a sponge, picking up and absorbing the energies and feelings of the people around them. Classical work on Hindu astrology. 11)Venus in Leo loves the golden color in the apartment decor. 5)This position of Neptune is good for social workers who are able to realize their talents for the common good,preferably within a large organization that will give them a lot of clients,colleagues and suitable motivation for their work. 2)Brothers and sisters can be people with a difficult fate and a difficult character.They will play an important role in a persons life. 5)They know how to work in competition.In life(with bad aspects),almost all people are seen as enemies.Maybe there was some kind of psychological trauma. 5)Good aspects indicate ease in communicating with the gender that attracts him.He often smiles and feels comfortable. 4)A large number of trunks indicates that a person is inclined to look at the world through rose-colored glasses.He should look at the world more realistically.Too dreamy. 5)Negative aspects indicate a bad or incomplete education and the threat of travel. 4)These people tend to learn yoga,meditation,and other practices.They like to learn new things about foreign cultures.They like to watch travel blogs. 5)With bad aspects,serious scandals with parents,a tendency to frivolous behavior and waste of family wealth are possible. 9)Mother could be the head of the family.Others may think that they have a perfect relationship with her,but with bad aspects,everything turns out to be the opposite. 4)You are afraid that your father didnt really love you,so as an adult,you feel the presence of love when people treat you with authority. Big, soulful eyes with long lashes, a wide smile, and a soft round face. 3)They dont talk openly about their feelings,and if they do,it is rarely and in private with you. 5)If you have a brother or sister,they may have Scorpio/Aries placements.They can also be hot-tempered,get involved in boxing or make a permanent mess at home. 2)Their parents may have been of different nationalities.Their house often had guests. 5)I often noticed this position in people who worked hard and studied hard to support their families.They are very caring and loving,but they may not show it because of stress or fatigue. 3)Good aspects indicate a strong and inquisitive mind,bad aspects indicate poor memory and learning problems. 5)Bad aspects indicate greed and inability to manage money.A person likes to live a luxurious life,but cant afford it. Lilith in 1st house is a quite painful placement in the natal chart. There's a saying in astrology that Neptune dissolves everything it touches. 4)Your weak point is your hips.Please always look at your feet!5)Also,such people often overexert themselves,they strive to do everything in a short time.But they have good and influential bosses.They can work in one of the well-known companies.They respect statuses at work(but not in life), 5)Also,such people often overexert themselves,they strive to do everything in a short time.But they have good and influential bosses.They can work in one of the well-known companies.They respect statuses at work(but not in life), 1)Oh,I hope your Venus is okay,because this Jupiter position is one of the best for marriage.Its like saying,Youll be happy with him,baby,be brave. Since the first house is the house of personality and how we see the world, it means that your personality becomes ungrounded or fluid, despite being in earthy Capricorn. 5)Your father was a unique person, different from other people, or unpredictable in dealing with you. ?I admire you. -Quite productive people, if they are comfortable at work/school.It is important for them to maintain good relations with colleagues and superiors. 5)Stressful aspects may indicate congestion.A person wants to know everything at once.Their schedule is very unstable and it is difficult for them to study on schedule. -I forgot to say that maybe their mother was a cook(or did a lot of cooking at home)or she sang well.They were often visited by relatives. 5)Bad aspects indicate difficulties in communicating with a partner.A person experiences many feelings and thoughts and cant understand them.The partner tries to understand them,but cant.There is an understatement and misunderstanding. 2)By the way,often Mars in the 3rd house has a great interest in technology,and therefore can fix a lot himself in the mechanism of a car,motorcycle or bicycle. At times it may be necessary to sacrifice your ideal ideas for the benefit of those who depend on you. 5)With bad aspects,a person may have mental illness. Jackson, Michelle Obama, Martin Luther King, Elvis Presley. 1)Their parents were attentive to their studies.Perhaps such a child started reading or speaking early. Neptune in the 1st House indicates a woman, who is sentimental and extremely attached to her loved ones. They are idealistic dreamers always striving towards the fulfillment of something greater than material gains. 5)Romance may appeal,but you dont trust it.What you crave is security,tangible support,and reliable love. The expression of Neptune in the 1st House is very interesting. 3)By nature,human is a very gentle,kind and merciful person.He has charisma and sex appeal. An afflicted Neptune can make one lose touch with reality and live in a dream world, or develop addictions to mind-altering substances. For Rainy Days Helen (She/Her/Any) NB Queer. 8)People with an ascendant in Cancer are really trusted by strangers. https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/hand-picked-eggs.

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